Richmond Falcon Cam

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  1. Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Fledgling Progress

    We continue to receive reports from local falcon watchers indicating that all three falcon fledglings are doing well.  They continue to improve their flying abilities and are frequently seen on the buildings in the downtown area.

    The young spend most of their time in the air chasing their parents and begging for food, improving their flight skills and stamina in the process.  The adults will also begin to use food to “train” the young passing it off in mid air and eventually dropping it for the young birds to catch on the wing.  This begins the process of these fledglings learning to hunt. The young birds will remain in the area for some weeks or even months - until they become truly independent and strike out on their own.

    Our thanks to the many volunteers who assisted in our Falcon Fledgewatch efforts last week!